The DBL15 is a robust but very compact survey unit in an IP67 case to connect and operate an FGM400/38 probe for diver’s underwater bomb search.

The IP67 case contains the main electronics to operate and acquire signals from the FGM400/38 probe. The total measurement range of the DBL15 is ±30,000 nT.

With a sensor cable of up to 150 meter, customer can realize typical offshore projects from big vessels where divers backing off the vessel several meters and dive down to 30 or 40 meters.

In addition an internal battery with around 40 hours operation time can be ordered as an option to be autarkic from the vessels environment.

The intuitive user interface is taken over from the well established bomb locator SBL10 and offers all the known functions. These include the probe testing, compensation, choice of modes and sensitivity, audio level and power supply indication.

A rugged Windows Mobile PDA can be used via cable or radio connection to record the measurement values from the probe. Afterwards the data can be downloaded to a PC and processed using the SENSYS software MAGNETO®.

All components can be stored safely in a IP65 swimable rugged case with handle and wheels. That will ease mobilization and demobilization.

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