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History of the former satellite station "Intersputnik"

The satellite earth station Neu Golm, also known as satellite earth station Intersputnik, was the only station for the transfer of commercial communication data in the GDR in times of where Germany was divided into East and West. The station is located around 50km Southeast of Berlin between Fürstenwalde and Bad Saarow.

The station was operated between 1975 and 1996. In times of the GDR the station was connected to the Intersputnik satellite net in order to relay and receive telephone, television and radio signals.

After the re-union of Germany in 1990, the Deutsche Telekom took over and modernized the station, before it was closed in 1996 due to inefficiency of satellite data transfer.

The eyecatcher of the station is the 12m parabolic antenna TNA-57 on top of the cylindric main building. The building itselfs follow a construction scheme called Orbita-2 that was built up the same way in other countries connected to the Intersputnik net.

Nowadays, all electronics were dismantled and the earth station is used by SENSYS as the company office.

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