High precision 780g 2-sensor magnetometer kit

The MagDrone R3 is a portable magnetometer survey kit to be attachable to any UAV / drone with a minimum payload of 1kg.

The kit consists of an ultra light weight sensor tube with two built-in 3-axis Fluxgates, a 1-button data logger with internal SD card, rechargeable batteries and an integrated GPS. It is made and optimized for small and mid size survey UAVs / drones that are shaped for less payload and longer flight times.

Depending on capabilities of the UAV / drone in terms of maneuverability and GPS precision, the MagDrone R3 survey kit can be used for general purpose surveys, science related magnetic cartographies, exploration studies on hidden minerals, as well as for safety relevant operations. Those can include area scanning for bombs and ammunition, as well as preventive surveillance of areas and camps against intrusion.

The frame ensures an easy attachment to any kind of UAV / drone by screwing, strapping or bonding both together.

The data logger is continuously recording while in air. Afterwards the data can be downloaded to any Windows® computer to further process the measurement values i.e. using the SENSYS software MAGNETO®,GIS tools or Matlab for own scripting.

Do the UAV rotors interfere?

As seen left, the magnetic spectrum analysis while Fluxgates attached to a starting and flying Octocopter illustrate that the rotors (when started) operate in frequencies ranges usually above 70 to 80 Hz. While the public net frequency is at 50 or 60 Hz; aimed objects in the ground normally appear in the lower part of the frequency band (0-20Hz).

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