Invisible camp and area protection

The MagFence system is a surveillance and protection package for areas or camps using an invisible and intelligent approach. It can be installed on or beneath existing fences or buried in the ground to monitor a free to shape areal.

A Magnetometer sensor chain will be laid along the fence or around the edges of the area to be protected. The ends of the chain are merged into a central control unit which powers all sensors and processes all events.

After installation a first check and calibration will be done to define a „safe status“. After that point all interactions on the fence or any magnetic action above the sensor chain will be registered and reported. An end user device will provide an alert with time, type of event, affected sensors and precise location.

The MagFence system cannot be manipulated nor is it affected by weather conditions, missing visibility or vandalism.

The system is scalable and customizable to the specific local conditions.

Advantages of the MagFence system


  • Customizable for every project

  • Applicable for all type if fence or area marking

  • Sensor chain permanently protected against vandalism, manipulation or environmental conditions

  • Selectable sensitivity

  • Redundant system that can compensate single failure of sensors

In realization phase

  • Short production time

  • Consultant through the whole project

  • Competent setup and installation of system with check and test

In operation

  • No maintenance of sensors

  • Optional cyclic calibration of system through SENSYS

  • System adoptable towards changing requirements and functionality

  • Event logs for documentation of all alerts




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