SENSYS MAGNETO® is a software for the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of measurement data from magnetic and electromagnetic area and borehole surveys. It allows the calculation of position and size of suspicious objects.

MAGNETO® versions are available as desktop software for the processing and interpretation of all data as well as for mobile applications to support the surveys in the field. In that case it is installed on a rugged PDA and will allow direct display of measurement data and tracks.

MAGNETO® is the right choice to process measurement data from surveying contaminated sites, for UXO detection as well as for archaeological and geo-physical prospections.

All measurement data will be displayed in color coded maps or in tracks. All maps and survey lines can be freely arranged on the work space like all the other elements such as text, objects, pictures or frames.

The software also allows linking multiple data sets from multiple surveys in one work space. That will allow combining the work on one field from multiple survey sessions.

With its text editor functions, MAGNETO® facilitates reporting and documentation.

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