The SENSYS MAGRay® is a towed multi-channel magnetometer system for offshore prospection. It is suitable for all applications that aim for the precise search of ferromagnetic structures under water. The system was designed and optimized for UXO search at depths of up to 100 meters at a speed of up to 7 knots. As a result the system is more efficient when covering wide survey areas.

The MAGRay® is based on a special carrier system, designed for maximum hydro-dynamic stability. Having a width of 4 meters, the system is equipped with up to 20 three axis Fluxgates probes of the type FGM3D UW in a two layer arrangement. Measuring with multiple installed sensors in two layers leads to a new dimension of data quality and data accuracy. The data is digitized in the carrier system and sent via an Ethernet connection to the vessel. The carrier system itself is towed by a hydrodynamic designed Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV).

The combination of a satellite-based navigation system (GPS) on the vessel, a motion sensor on the ROTV and an underwater positioning system (USBL) on both allows the exact positioning of the ROTV, the carrier system and much more important – on every individual sensors.

Thus, precise location information can be acquired and stored together with the collected data from the magnetometer probes.

The ROTV works self-stabilizing, using its on-board sensors to detect distance to ground and motion (pitch and roll). It is able to follow the seabed autonomously, maintain a pre-set depth and avoid obstacles. In addition the ROTV used in the SENSYS MAGRay® is able to make course corrections sidewise to precisely follow a predefined track.

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