“… the MX system has proved to work practically in continuous mode, even in the most challenging desert conditions. Through six days a week, the system has driven more than 100 km per day.”

- Dr. Tomás Pokorny, Destrux -

For the detection of ferromagnetic objects, interference fields and signatures of large areas, the vehicle towed magnetometer system MAGNETO® MX was designed.

The system carrier MX-Carrier has a width of two meters and can be extended to a maximum width of four meters. Between eight and 16 magnetometer probes can be fixed to the carrier. Thus a maximum daily coverage of 25 ha can be reached, depending on terrain conditions, number of magnetometers and array width.

Due to the off-road design of the carrier and the high flexibility of the measurement configuration, the MAGNETO® MX system is being used in the fields of UXO detection, geophysics, archaeology and for surveys of contaminated sites.

In Action - 3,100 ha with one MX 8 channel system in Saudi Arabia

“… the practical use of the MX system in the field very much exceeded our expectations."

- Dr. Tomás Pokorny, Destrux -

The clearance of a former military shooting range in Saudi Arabia required the survey and clearance of more than 3,000 ha within one year. Our customer chose the MAGNETO MX 8 channel system to do the job. the results are impressive, the abrasion of the system minimal. Read more in the app note.

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