The SENSYS SEARACK is a low logistics subsea magnetometer survey system for various tasks offshore such as cable and pipe tracking, area survey or UXO pin pointing.

A modular frame with integrated SENSYS FGM3D UW Fluxgate sensors and a 24bit data logging unit make the SEARACK kit adaptable to any survey ROV with lowest impact to system integration, ROV buoyancy, maneuverability, deck space, logistics as well as the financial investment.

The sensor arrangement inside the frame allows for a real time tracking of the search object in relation to the ROV. That way, the ROV can precisely follow a cable or pipe while logging all data with up to 2,000 Hz.

That will provide excellent data sets to analyze or compare the scanned infrastructure for inspection or maintenance reasons.

To efficiently plan UXO clearance tasks or construction works the SEARACK can be used to map an area. All measurement values, position and heading information of the ROV will be logged, synchronized and time stamped. The map can be processed with the SENSYS software MAGNETO®.

For UXO pin pointing the real time localization is used as well. That improves clearance tasks by reducing efforts of finding the object, placing and operating the suction/jetting equipment, as well as it is reducing vessel and crew offshore times.

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