The SMD12 is an active, highly sensitive survey system using the method of TDEM („Time Domain Electromagnetics“) in order to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects in the ground.

The innovative coil frame weights only 3.2kg already including a set of differential coils. Thanks to the fold-up mechanism, the coil frame is set up in less than 2 minutes.

With the basic frame size of 1x1m the system is made for middle sized areas or for areas that are difficult to access by push carts and cars. On request, different frame sizes can be ordered or combined.

The approach of using two coils with one above the other allows for differential measurements and simplified operation with no adjustment or recurring compensation during measurement.

Consisting only of 3 separate parts, the SMD12 is intuitive to handle, set up and store as well as to carry by man.

The SMD12 can be operated with and without data recording using a rugged Windows Mobile PDA via cable or Bluetooth connection. The measurement data can be processed and analyzed with the SENSYS own software MAGNETO®.

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