Power supply & signal splitter to BNC

The FGM3D SV is completing a FGM3D sensor and makes it a small and handy field or lab kit. The FGM3D SV provides the sensor with a constant power supply and provides three BNC channel for the x-, y- and z- axis of the FGM3D sensor. This way, every analogue signal from every single axis can be recorded separately.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

12V, max. 1 A

Integrated Sensor Supply

± 15 V, max. 80 mA

Operating Temperature

-20 … +60 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 … +85 °C


10 … 90 %, non condensing

Dimensions with Sockets (WxDxH)

129x102x36 mm


284 g

IP Code

IP 30

Analogue Connector

3x BNC

Sensor Connector

15-pin high density D-Sub socket

Power Connector

Power Supply Socket (DC-Jack) 2.1 mm

Ground Connector

Banana Socket

Enclosure Material

Aluminium (extruded) + ABS (front & back)


Customized cable lengths
Autarky power supply

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